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Common Sense on Council

Together, we can bring fresh, bold, leadership to our city council, while promoting inclusivity to make a positive impact in our community.

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Steve Lee for Kennewick City Council Ward 2

Steve Lee – Regulated Cannabis activist, business owner, community philanthropist and Kennewick City Council Ward 2 incumbent.

Impacting Change

We should be doing more to promote projects, events and businesses that engage, inspire and meet the needs of the talented people from all walks of life.

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Meet Steve

After years of considering public service and my passion for philanthropic work in the Tri-Cities, I believe the natural next step is to offer myself and my service to the community that I’ve lived in, loved, and benefited from my entire life.

I’m a kennewick native. Since I was a kid I knew that I wanted the opportunity to represent my community in elected office. After years of small business ownership and philanthropic work in the Tri-Cities, I believed it was finally time to offer myself and my service to the community that I’ve lived in, loved, and benefited from my entire life. The voters of Kennewick accepted my offer and elected me to represent them by a margin of over 14%.

It’s vitally important that we continue to elect city council members with intimate knowledge of our community and who respect, honor, and fairly represent all generations of voters.

I’ve spent my life giving back to the community that gave me the skills and opportunities to grow and thrive.We are excited to help solve problems and provide critical support when we are able. My wife and I have, and will continue to, invest in education, creativity, and safe communities. 

In 2012 my wife and I began offering medical cannabis services to area seniors, veterans, and the terminally ill. In 2016, we founded the first legal medical and recreational cannabis retail store in the Tri-Cities. Green2Go has since created over 50 full-time positions with full benefits, contributed hundreds of thousands in local charitable giving, and generated millions in local and state tax revenue. 

My success in small business didn’t happen by accident. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and assistance from people who understood and supported my vision.

As a member of the Kennewick City Council, I am an ally for other hard working small business entrepreneurs in our community and I aim to help them thrive in an increasingly competitive and economically challenging environment.

Our community needs to continue to improve its ability to attract and retain talented young professionals. We should be doing more to promote projects, events, and businesses that engage, inspire, and meet the needs of motivated people from all walks of life. As a young professional born and raised in our community who made the decision to stay and be part of the solution, I’m uniquely qualified to do that.

Please join me as I campaign for the Kennewick City Council seat, Ward 2.

Supporting Steve Lee means voting to elect leaders who:

  • ZSupport First Responders
  • ZAct ethically and lead by example
  • ZListen to all of their constituents and respect the rule of law
  • ZAppreciate small business owners and the jobs they bring
  • ZValue the creative economy and its importance to economic development

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We're pleased to announce Steve's candidacy for Kennewick City council Ward 2! Check back soon for updates.

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